Launching ‘mTriage Machine’ for better health care in villages

Samhathi, under the leadership of Dr.Timm Schneider, together with Scientists from the University of Brandenburg in Germany, developed a computer-based mobile unit called ’mTriage’ for the use of nurses and health care workers at the point of care. It triages the patients into groups according to their health status and gives advises for the next necessary steps. Furthermore the data can be ‘telemedically’ presented to a physician, using different integrated telecommunication systems. Hereby “mTriage” is capable of reducing access barriers and delivering basic health technologies at high quality to the people who need them the most.

The mTriage Machine was formally inaugurated at a solemn ceremony held at Samhathi-India campus on 4 April 2016 and the two mTriage Machines were handed over to the CBPCV Nurses and Teams, after necessary trainings. A good number of health volunteers apart from the team members of Samhathi from various villages also participated in the event. The local newspapers and TV channels also gave good coverage to the event which made the new machine known in the area in a few days time. Dr.Timm Schneider, Vice President of Samhathi-Germany, Dr.Dorothea Busch and Dr.Prof.Thomas Schrader and young scientists Mr.Dennis Wagner & Mr. Marius Liefold were present at the function to introduce the machine to the public.