Samhathi-Vision 2025 (SV9) launched

An evaluation of the past 15 years activities were carried out at Samhathi-India from December 2016 to January 2016 at various levels of the organization. A number of meetings, discussions and consultations were held and the result is a new comprehensive program titled ‘Samhathi Vision 2025’. Three major sectors and 7 areas of action plan have been identified to form part of this 10 Year Program. The 3 Sectors are Education, Health and Finance while the areas of action plan are People’s Organizations, Educational Development, People’s Banking, Wholistic Health, Integrated Organic Farming, Fair Trade and Sustainable Environment. It is estimated that during the next ten year period Samhathi will enable 0.42 million people from 80 villages to reach self-reliance and sustainable development through strategic action plan in education, health and finance in these villages.