Samhathi’s Jnanpeet student Tishya reaches her dream career

Jnanpeet, the Students Home under Samhathi is a dream project as it is a collective effort of a large community of traditional fisher folk living in the coastal villages of Alleppey in South India. Jnanpeet, opened in 2006, aims to set model to the students of this backword area in developing their lives through quality education. Each child living at Jnanpeet is supported by a sponsor from Europe until they reach good career. We are happy to announce that the 1st student from Jnanpeet has reached her dream career. Tishya Joy, a student sponsored by Ms.Elfriede Siegert of Samhathi-Austria, dreamed in 2006 to become a Civil Engineer when she joined Jnanpeet. Tishya worked hard since 2006 towards her goal and has now become a civil engineer. She has also received an employment opportunity soon after her graduation and so joined a reputed construction company. Tishya, as seen in the video, is deeply thankful to her Elfi M’am for the invaluable support which helped her to reach her dream career now. We, the Samhathi-India Team along with Tishya, thank Ms.Elfriede Siegert for making her what she is today. We are looking forward to inform more sponsors about the success their children are reaching under their sponsorship and care.