Samhathi’s Home Equipping Program (HEP) to save time and energy of women in 23000 families

On the one side the severe unemployment among our women had to be solved to overcome various issues connected, including raising their status from a dependent being to that of a dignified person capable to play vital roles both in the family as well as in the society, but on the other side a good number of them did not know how to overcome the shortage of time after managing their household chores. Our internal study at the SHG level revealed that most of the women spent 6 to 9 hours or even more just to manage their routine household works and so that had to de reduced to 4 to 5 hours a day. In order to achieve this the Home Equipping Program was introduced by Samhathi by making available necessary home equipments and appliances like washing machine, cooking gas stove, stitching machines, bicycles, small water tanks, home furniture etc so as to save time and energy and achieve better efficiency level in managing household works. The result is that most of those who have benefitted from the program have proved that they saved 3 to 5 hours a day by better household management system. Currently it is reaching out to 23000 families but as the SHG network grows further, the program will be accessible to more women and their families.